PROBLEM:  People who are curious to learn about Oregonian Muslims don’t have the resources to get an accurate representation of who they are, instead they only have access to negative media that promotes stereotypes. Oregon’s historical narrative isn’t representative without real accounts about the Muslim community.

INSIGHT: Personally connecting with someone from a different background can demolish previous misconceptions and create acceptance in a community.

SOLUTION:  Demystify Islam by creating the Oregon Muslim History Project. Combat negative media coverage by having college students who have never met a Muslim before interview and collaborate with local Muslims in Oregon. The stories will then be archived in Portland State University’s historical records for public access.

WORK: Used Statista to find research stats, read scholarly articles, conducted multiple interviews, and pitched the project to professors from Reed College, Portland State University and the University of Oregon. Partnered individuals together and created a narrative for my community that I’m proud of.



Strategy: Zaria Parvez (me)