This project was chosen as a finalist out of 15 teams for BBH’s Griffin Farley’s Beautiful Minds to present at Facebook in NYC.

ASK: The Get in Touch Foundation is a non-profit organization meant to empower women to conduct breast self-exams. The Daisy Wheel App is an easy resource to be proactive about breast health. Get 500K downloads of The Daisy Wheel App.

PROBLEM: Today’s self-care culture doesn’t completely encompass what self-care really means.

INSIGHT: Millennial Women don’t view holistic, long-term health as a part of self-care.

STRATEGY: RECLAIM SELF-CARE. The Get In Touch Foundation brings self-care back to its roots. 

SOLUTION: Feeling Myself. By leveraging a cultural movement, we proposed integrating self-exams into self-care routines, not interrupting them. 

WORK: With only 24 hours to create a campaign, we used all of our research expertise and brains to create and pitch our idea. Simmons, social listening and connecting cultural trends to insights were all put into this idea.




Jeremy Bondy

Marisa Goldstein

Kaya Wu

Zaria Parvez (me)