PROBLEM: Create a campaign that explains inclusion within diversity on your school campus with measurable strategies. 

INSIGHT: Microaggressions subconsciously create a divide within communities and hinder inclusivity. Regardless of who we are or where we come from, we all have unintentional biases.

SOLUTION: Create the campaign, #checkUOself, that places microaggressions around campus on posters. Each poster leads to an interactive website with a pledge that can be signed. Introduce a new student orientation that teaches the new generation of students at UO about their unconscious bias and combating microaggressions. 

WORK: Passionately worked with professors to understand the scope of diversity at UO, sifted through multiple Diversity Reports and summarized applicable points of data, released mock campaign for future implementation. 







Strategy: Zaria Parvez

Spec Design: Zaria Parvez (me)

Production + Graphics: Skyler Howe